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Before leaving for a foreign country, it is the passenger’s responsibility to check with the competent authorities (embassy or consulate of the destination country) that he/she is in compliance with the customs, health and administrative requirements of the destination country.

Indeed, depending on the country you are going to, entry and stay formalities differ. The same applies to the nature and validity date of the identity documents to be provided.

You must also have the necessary administrative and customs documents to leave Senegal and to enter the country of destination to which you are going.

Passengers seeking a special service or a particular request (wheelchair, special meal…) should ask the reservation agent, when they are doing their reservation. A special service may be chargeable, depending on its type.”

Passengers travelling with authorized animal on hold (dog, cat…) must have the following documents>

  • An international certificate of vaccination and good health.
  • A rabic certificate of more than 1 month validity, and less than 6 months before the journey.
  • A veterinary certificate of good health of less than 48 hours.

You should know before you go to the US: Prohibited and Restricted Items

Select a country to see the travel document to be downloaded before your trip to that destination.

Ivory Coast

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Sierra Leone

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Travel Statement :


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Countries exempted from visa requirements : Algérie, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambie, Libye, Mali, Niger, Sénégal, Syrie, Tunisie.

Visa application form


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Declaration of honour in case of non-performance of a PCR test



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AUTODICHIARAZIONE COVID – 19/ Self declaration form

Cap Verde

United States

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AUTODICHIARAZIONE COVID – 19/ Self declaration form