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Diass Airport

Everything there is to know about the airport

Before any departure abroad, it is up to passengers to check with the competent authorities (embassy or consulate of the destination country) that they are in compliance with the customs, health and administrative obligations of the destination country in which they must stay.

Depending on the country you are visiting, the entry and stay formalities differ. The same applies to the nature and validity date of the identity documents to be provided.

The airport provides paid parking for passengers. It can accommodate around 700 vehicles and around sixty buses.

AIBD met taxis available to passengers (Aerocab). The prices are between 28,500 and 30,000 FCFA for a return trip, Dakar - AIBD. The rates are higher for Saly, Mbour and Thiès.

Public taxis are more affordable:
15,000 FCFA

Aerocad Taxis from AIBD

Between FCFA 28,500 and  30,000 FCFA

Public taxis from AIBD

Between 15,000 FCFA and  21,000 FCFA

AIBD Express Shuttles

The air-conditioned AIBD Express shuttles serve 3 cities close to the airport: Dakar, Thiès and Mbour, at a very regular frequency. The rates vary between 3,000 and 6,000 FCFA depending on the destination.

Dakar Dem Dikk

The Dakar Dem Dikk bus company offers two formulas: air-conditioned buses and non-air-conditioned buses. Depending on the preferred option, prices are between 3,000 and 6,000 FCFA.

Express shuttles AIBD and Dakar Dem Dikk since AIBD

Between 3,000 FCFA and 6,000 FCFA

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