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Baggage and service charges

Checked baggage must not exceed 23 kg on the domestic network (Banjul and Bissau) and two baggage of 23 kg each on the other networks with the exception of Abidjan and Cotonou where the allowance for both baggage must not exceed 2 X 20 kg. 

Beyond this limit, our counter agents will charge for excess baggage in accordance with the prevailing excess price. We kindly ask you to contact our services or our partners for the excess baggage price.

In the event of a problem on board, following the transport of prohibited and undeclared products during check-in, the responsibility of passengers owning the luggage is engaged.

Baggage on the home network

23 kg

Other networks

23 kg + 23kg

Prohibited products in the hold and in the cabin

For safety reasons, the following dangerous goods are not allowed onboard the plane, whether in the hold or cabin :

Explosive products: Bengal lights, fireworks, firecrackers, distress flares, etc.

Flammable or non-flammable compressed gases: tear gas, gas heater with butane or propane gas canisters, aerosols spays in large quantities, helium, etc.

Flammable solids: matches, lighters and associated fuels, etc.

Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides such as: detergents, weed killers, dry and liquid fertilizers, hydrogen peroxide, chemicals, etc.

Metal objects with a sharp point or sharp edge: blades, scissors, etc.

Corrosive substances: batteries, mercury in thermometers and barometers, bleach, etc. Toxic substances: insecticides, pesticides, anesthetics, etc.

Flammable liquids: paints, thinners, varnishes, automotive lacquers, generators which tanks are not completely emptied, etc.

Toxic substances: insecticides, pesticides, anesthetics, etc.