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Discover Dakar

Do you plan to stay several days in Dakar? Thanks to its cultural diversity, the capital will enchant you: between its historic and natural sites listed as World Heritage by Unesco, its authentic fishing villages, its markets where animation reigns, and its hectic nightlife, Dakar combines authenticity and modernity. Located along the Atlantic coast, the city has many beaches for a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Not to mention the Senegalese cuisine to rival the senses!

The Island of Gorée

A few kilometers from Dakar, the island of Gorée is a place steeped in history. Indeed, a large number of slaves were shipped to the Americas from the port. Place of memory, the island of Gorée shelters several museums, without counting the colored houses which the tourists discover while walking in the lanes of the island.

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The Renaissance monument

52 meters high (higher than the Statue of Liberty), the Renaissance monument is located on one of the Mamelles hills. It offers breathtaking views of the bay of the Dakar peninsula.

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